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Microsoft Access Website Applications

Another specialty of ours is creating custom Microsoft Access Website Applications so businesses can share important information with their employees, clients, and vendors through a company web portal. Great Custom Websites creates a web-enabled Microsoft Access database with cloud hosting. You can continue to use your existing MS Access application, but the data can be accessed online. We can take your MS Access database to the cloud so all of your team members can use the system with ease over VPN or the open internet.

Advantages of Microsoft Access Web Applications

Share a Microsoft Access based application directly with employees or clients enabling multiple users to interact with the application from any web browser.

Secure and manage access to your data using password protected accounts for customers, vendors and employees.

View, enter and share data from various sources: Access, Excel, and even SharePoint lists.

Speedy performance and real-time updates.

Database integrity, scalability, maintainability and extensibility.

Our staff at Great Custom Websites is experienced in converting MS Access databases to web-enabled applications as we work with our sister company, Access Experts.

Our team of MS Access web app programmers in Chicago are Access MVPs who can help customize a web application that empowers your staff to be more productive, keep your information updated and secure, while giving your clients an engaging, intuitive experience that will only build customer loyalty and satisfaction.