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Our Approach

Our websites answer all of the important questions: How did you start? Where are you going? What are your values? Who are your customers? What do your customers care about and how can you help them?

We collaborate with you every step of the way to translate your answers into a design that appeals to your target audience, improves SEO and a server that is monitored 24/7.

Our Website Project Plan


Step 1: Discover & Collaborate

Client • Project Manager • Web Developer

We always begin with a Discovery Meeting where we get to know you, your business, brand, goals, objectives and challenges.

With a clear concept in mind, our team collaborates with you to take your ideas and convert them into a new website that is attractive to your audience.

It isn’t always cost effective to reinvent the wheel.

While we develop customized solutions for many clients, when appropriate, we seamlessly integrate the power of established, third-party snippets so you don’t lose a thing.

Step 2: Design

Client • Project Manager

Once we have a clear idea of your company’s concepts, you choose between several responsive WordPress designs that will look great on any device.

Step 3: Kick Off

Client • Project Manager • Web Developer

After choosing a WordPress design, we have a Project Kick Off Meeting to review the design with you and make all of the custom changes and include additional features to create an intuitive, attractive and engaging website. Your feedback drives our design and development.

Step 4: Develop

Chicago Web Developer

Our development team works behind the scenes to breathe life into your ideas.

Compelling design and intuitive functionality is never an accident.

We create, refine, and pore over wireframes and technical specifications until we finalize a detailed project blueprint that ensures a clean, feature-rich user experience that drives leads and boosts industry authority.


Step 5: Revise

Client • Project Manager

Revisions and development can be a back and forth game with our clients. We don’t turn down good ideas! Before launching your site, we can make any changes or additions that occur to you during our weekly updates.

Step 6: Test

Project Manager • Web Developer

We make sure your site is fully functional in every way before launching, from testing forms and links to browser, multi-device and performance testing.

Final Step: Launch

Everyone Celebrates

Once you’ve approved the finished product, your website is live, searchable and ready for new business!

Interested in starting a new project? Contact us to get the ball rolling!