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Jersey County Clerk

Governmental Website

The Challenge

Jersey County Clerk wanted to update their website to a mobile friendly and more visual platform that showed their visitors what they can really do for the public. Their old website was failing to communicate the different type of information on the website. They also wanted an easy way for publishing general interest announcements.

The Solution

We created a WordPress responsive website for this government website. It is instantly more appealing and features images of actual Jersey County Clerk staff members to demonstrate their credibility and professionalism. In addition, we rebranded their website from an “old-fashioned, 90’s” government website to a modern platform.

SSL Certificate


Website Redesign

Days Turnaround

Calendar Integration

Mobile Refresh

Visitors can browse the website on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

A completely new site that appeals to visitors and has all the information needed at hand.