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How do you sell your services as a freelancer? If you’re a designer, you probably spend a lot of time making your portfolio look pixel perfect, posting on Dribbble, applying for jobs online and making sure your CV/Resume match all the check-boxes on the job application: […]

[…] companies want to know ‘How’ you think rather than ‘What’ you think. They are more interested in hearing about how you solve problems and make decisions, rather than hearing you ramble on about the list items on your CV.

Businesses are also vain, they want to know what you know about their company, even if you are basically just repeating back to them some variation of the stuff written on their Linkedin profile.


Look for the problem, the REAL problem in the job posting and apply based on that.

More important than trying to sell your services there is something both you and your client need to understand:

A website is not just informational, it’s not just a pretty online business profile. A website is a commodity, or even more accurately it is an investment.

Is their current website helping them meet their business goals? Is it actually making them money or just costing them money? What are their goals and what are they ultimately trying to achieve by getting in front of their user’s online?

Get them really clear on this and get yourself really clear that you aren’t just selling a product or service. You are selling the promise of getting them get to their goal.

Your clients don’t want a website, they want their business to be more profitable.

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